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Updated on Sep 22, 2022

There are just a few hardware tools currently on the market for I3C development -- the bulk of which are tailored for the tall task of IP verification and silicon-validation. However as I3C-capable devices make their way onto dev kits and into the hands of firmware developers and embedded systems teams, a market for tools more suitable for traditional development and debugging will grow and test equipment vendors will follow. This page intends to track the release of suitable tools for I3C development.

Protocol Exercisers

Products in this category can be used to emulate I3C devices and behave as an I3C controller or I3C Target. These devices typically include the ability to intentionally inject errors in order to test how other devices handle the test cases. Usually, they also have software support which can provide careful timing analysis to ensure behavior is in accordance with the specification even at the physical layer. Products in this category also serve as a case study for why companies shouldn't let their engineers name the products ;-)

Prodigy Technovations PGY-I3C-EX-PD
I3C Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser

MSRP: $9000 [Available on DigiKey]

Product Page

Introspect Technology SV4E-I3C
I3C Test and Debug Module

MSRP: $8900 [Available on DigiKey]

Product Page

Oscilloscopes with I3C Decode Options

Most of the household names in the oscilloscope industry have developed support for MIPI I3C Trigger and Decode and make it available via software unlock. Information is sparse around these sorts of products, so it's definitely best to check in with your favorite test equipment distributor to find out the details, but we've scraped together enough information to find some starting points for Keysight, Tektronix, and LeCroy I3C decode solutions.

Keysight D9010MPLP Low Speed MIPI Protocol Decode/Trigger Software

MSRP: $3710+ [Available from TEquipment]

Product Page

Tektronix 4-SRI3C & 5-SRI3C
MIPI I3C Serial Analysis

MSRP: $2166+ [Available from TEquipment]

Product Page for Tektronix 4-SRI3CProduct Page for Tektronix 5-SRI3C

I3C Trigger and Decode Option

MSRP: $1565+ [Available from TEquipment]

Product Page

Logic Analyzers

Products in this category can be used to observe / record the transactions on an I3C bus, decode the data, and provide a level of analysis suitable for firmware development and debugging. However, these devices are unable to actively participate on the I3C bus -- it cannot perform the functions of an I3C controller nor as an I3C target. These can be used to aid in timing analysis, but the primary use is for observing the data being transferred on the bus, and not necessarily the performance of the physical layer of the protocol.

Saleae Logic Pro 8

MSRP: $999*

Product Page

Saleae Logic Pro 16

MSRP: $1399*

Product Page

* At this time, the Saleae Logic software does not include protocol decoding support for I3C. We at Binho have developed an I3C Basic Protocol Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic which is available for purchase separately. Several licensing tiers are available. You can find the details on our I3C Basic Protocol Analyzer Plugin page.

Something Missing?

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