MIPI I3C Board Level Hardware Engineering Session at Embedded World 2023

MIPI I3C Board Level Hardware Engineering Session at Embedded World 2023

The MIPI Alliance announced a partnership with Embedded World conference to offer dedicated MIPI Education Tracks during March 14th at the Embedded World 2023 exhibition and conference in Nuremberg, Germany, marking the first year that the MIPI Alliance is formally participating in the event. I had been anxiously watching the clock tick counting down until the next MIPI I3C Workshop in June, so this opportunity for an I3C event in the next few weeks is a welcomed surprise!

The MIPI I3C session is part of the "Board Level Hardware Engineering" track and will be comprised of the following series of three 30 minute presentations:

All About MIPI I3C: The Next-Generation Utility and Control Bus

Presented by Michele Scarlatella, MIPI IoT Technical Consultant

Michele may be one of the most recognized names in the I3C circuit, as he's frequently part of the MIPI webinars -- I've watched his presentations a number times over the past few years and they consistently serve as one of the most polished and concise introductions to the key concepts of the I3C specification.

Advantages of MIPI I3C Enabling Simpler Design in a Variety of End Equipment Applications

Presented by Saminah Chaudhry, Texas Instruments

Saminah gave a similar presentation last year at MIPI DevCon along with another colleague from TI, and it was extremely informative. Rather than focusing on the actual I3C specification, Saminah takes a look at the various applications in which I3C is being adopted and why. If this session is anything like her previous presentation, it's going to be extremely insightful to see how and where I3C is making waves.

An Efficient Prototyping Framework for I3C Controllers

Presented by Aradhana Kumari, STMicroelectronics

I've got high hopes for Aradhana's presentation -- she was actually a participant in last year's MIPI I3C Interop Workshop in Munich, so I'm certain that the information she'll be sharing comes directly from hands-on lessons learned implementing the I3C protocol and verifying it. I'm really eager to hear from her!

Additional details including the full agenda for the session can be found on MIPI's blog post. Registration for this I3C track requires at least a 1 Day Session Ticket, which is currently 660€ -- a bit steep, but likely worth it, and can be purchased here.

Thankfully I already had plans to attend the Embedded World conference, so the announcement of these I3C discussions makes my trip even more meaningful. I'm looking forward to being in the audience and networking with attendees. For anyone who's attending the session and still wants to talk about I3C even more, feel free to reach out at i3ccafe@binho.io and we'll aim to meet up after sessions have wrapped up.

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