I3C Tools

Binho Supernova + Mission Control + SDK/Automation

Watch our demonstration showcasing point-and-click I3C transactions seamlessly integrated into our GUI software.

Binho Supernova + I3C Protocol Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic

Supernova in action as an I3C Controller, seamlessly communicating with the PIC18F16Q20 8-bit MCU, which marks Microchip's pioneering I3C-capable device.

Built To Travel, Built To Last

The anodized aluminum enclosure ensures your device will survive your adventures to the factory, customer sites, conference rooms, classrooms, and labs. With a low-profile design, it’s easy to have this must-have tool on hand at all times.

Best of all, firmware updates are free, fast, and easy. You'll always have the latest features as this product gracefully ages.