I3C BasicSM Protocol Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic

Binho is proud to introduce the first I3C BasicSM Protocol Analyzer for firmware development and embedded systems testing. Leave that stack of silicon-validation equipment in the lab, speed up development, and save a pile of money all at the same time.

Key Features

  • Supports the latest I3C BasicSM Specification (v1.1.1)
  • Support for 12.5MHz Single Data Rate (SDR) Mode
  • Direct & Broadcast CCC Command Decoding
  • Support for In-Band Interrupts and Hotjoin Requests
  • Support for Private Read & Private Write
  • Supports Backward Compatibility with I2C Decoding
  • Real-Time Decoding & HLA Support

Software Compatibility

  • Works with Logic 1.x (version Logic 1.2.29 and up)
  • Works with Logic 2.x (all versions)
  • Cross-Platform Support (Windows, Mac, & Ubuntu)

Hardware Compatibility

  • Saleae Logic Pro 8 and Logic Pro 16
  • Saleae Logic 8 (I3C Bus Voltage cannot be less than 1.8V)

Target Applications

  • Firmware Development & Testing
  • Device Driver Development & Testing
  • Automated Hardware Testing

Download PDF Specification

Fill out this simple form to get access to the full specification.


Flexible Licensing

Each license allows for the I3C Analyzer Plugin to be used on up to 2 computers. Works on computers without internet access, no tedious license server setup required. Three tiers of functionality - only pay for the features that you'll use.


Protocol Support

  • Supports the latest I3C BasicSM Specification (v1.1.1)
  • Direct & Broadcast CCC Commands
  • Private Read & Private Write Transactions
  • In-Band Interrupts and Hotjoin Requests
  • Backward Compatibility I2C Decoding
  • Up to 12.5MHz Single Data Rate (SDR) Mode
  • Support for HDR Double Data Rate (DDR) Mode
  • Support for HDR Bulk Transport (BT) Mode
  • Support for Multi-Lane Transfers

Software Support

  • Cross-Platform Support for Windows, Mac, & Ubuntu
  • Works with Saleae Logic 1.2.29 and up
  • Works Saleae Logic 2.3 and up
  • Real-Time Decoding
  • High-Level Analyzer (HLA) Support

Hardware Compatibility

  • Saleae Logic 8 (I3C Bus Voltage cannot be less than 1.8V)
  • Saleae Logic Pro 8
  • Saleae Logic Pro 16

Tech Support

  • Updates and Bugfixes
  • Tech Support via Email
  • Tech Support via Phone/Video

Licensing Options

  • Perpetual License
  • Annual License



















Early Adopter Special

Limited Time Only!

Get a PERPETUAL license for the FULL I3C BasicSM Protocol Analyzer Plugin for a one-time payment of $2950.

Trial Period

All licenses include a 7-day trial period. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the analyzer plugin, we'll issue a full refund.


A purchase of the I3C BasicSM Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic includes the following digital files:

  • I3C Basic Analyzer Plugin binaries for Windows (.dll), Mac (.dylib), and Linux (.so)
  • Getting Started Guide [PDF]

Note: This analyzer plugin requires hardware and software from Saleae in order to be useful. Saleae Logic desktop software is available free-of-charge for use with their hardware devices. Saleae hardware can be purchased here, or use the devices that you already own.


Payments must be made in US Dollars. Credit Cards and Bank Transfers Accepted. NET30 Terms available with prior approval.

Accelerate your I3C Development with the I3C BasicSM Protocol Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic

Learn More

Try it out at the I3C Interop Workshop!

Join us at the next I3C Interop Workshop (Munich, June 13th and 14th) or at Embedded World (Nuremberg, June 21st -23rd) to see our analyzer in action. We'd love to meet in person for a hands-on guided demo with the Saleae Logic and our I3C BasicSM Analyzer Plugin. Please reach out to us here to book a demo session.

Still on the fence? Schedule a Demo!

Curious to learn more? Join us for a 20-minute live demo. We'll give a brief overview of the capabilities and features of the I3C Basic Analyzer Plugin, and then take it for a test drive using Saleae Logic to capture and decode I3C transactions from our demo setup. We're also happy to field any specific questions you may have.

Schedule an I3C Analyzer Plugin Demo + Q&A Session

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