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Welcome to I3C Cafe, the first site dedicated to the exchange of news and information regarding industry adoption of the MIPI I3C® (and subsequently I3C BasicSM) protocol. First released in December 2018, the MIPI Improved Integrated Inter Integrated Circuit (I3C) communication protocol has matured to the point that it's starting to show up in mainstream semiconductors. No longer constrained to FPGA projects with licensed IP blocks, the stage is set for widespread adoption. Sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy the show!


Debug for I3C Interop Event Planned for June 2023
The MIPI Debug Working Group is planning to host a Debug for I3C Interop Workshop at the Member Meeting in June 2023. Fill out the interest form if you'd like to participate - it's definitely worthwhile!
Renesas Announces I3C Intelligent Switch Devices
The result of a close collaboration with Intel, Renesas unveils a family of 2:4 and 2:8 I3C Intelligent Switches to greatly improve scalability of I3C on next-gen servers and infrastructure equipment.
Renesas Releases an RF VGA with I3C Control Interface
The Renesas F0443 is a Dual Matched Broadband RF digital variable gain amplifier designed for use in diversity/MIMO receivers. This is quite a deviation from the typical applications of I3C-capable devices.
Diodes Inc. Announces High-Speed I3C 1:2 Mux
Aside from I3C-capable Controllers and Targets, another category of devices that are imperative for successful and wide-spread industry adoption of the I3C protocol are interface devices such as switches/muxes, buffers/level-shifters, etc. Diodes Inc. recently announced[pdf] their first I3C interface device, the PI3CSW12, a 1:2 Mux/DeMux with Output Enable control signal.
STMicro Sensors with I3C Support Available Now
While we're eagerly awaiting STMicro to introduce their first micronctroller which features an I3C peripheral, their MEMS sensors team has already launched several devices to mass production. This gives me even more hope that their first micrcontroller with I3C support is just barely over the horizon.
Bosch BMI263 IMU Supports I3C But Is Nowhere To Be Found
Bosch Sensortec released the BMI263, a 6-Axis IMU, their first I3C compatible device, well over a year ago. They are keen to point out support for I3C all over their product page and marketing materials for the device, unlike some who are somewhat silently adding supporting for I3C. However...
TDK InvenSense IMUs Support I3C DDR Mode
TDK InvenSense, leaders in the MEMS IMU device category, have already introduced I3C support in several of their devices. Just like IMUs from STMicro, TDK InvenSense took the approach of supporting SPI, I2C, and I3C protocols on their devices, but with a key differentiator...