Adafruit Eye on NPI Offers A Fantastic Intro to I3C

Adafruit Eye on NPI Offers A Fantastic Intro to I3C

Ladyada and PT over at Adafruit have been putting out a weekly video called Eye on NPI where they talk about cool new devices. Back in May 2022, they chose to speak about the P3S0200GM I3C Switch released by NXP. Given Adafruit's primary focus on making electronics more accessible to tinkerers, hobbyists, students, and educators, the video they produced is an amazingly concise explanation of the key concepts of I3C in just ~12 minutes. I highly recommend this video as a starting point for anyone eager to build an understanding of I3C, as well as the motivation for creating a new protocol and the purpose that it aims to serve.

I've seen several attempts by various folks to create an introduction/summary of I3C for a more general audience, and regrettably many of them miss the mark on capturing the nuanced details that are fundamental to I3C. Thankfully the folks at Adafruit were careful not to skimp over the details that really are a key part of specification.

All of the figures and slides presented in the video can be found on their blog post page here for easy reference.

While this video is not new, it's actually buried in search results and most folks looking to learn about I3C might not find it in their pursuit of learning more. As such, I'm hopeful that this page increases the visibility of this incredibly well-done video introduction to I3C.

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