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Diodes Inc. Announces High-Speed I3C 1:2 Mux

Published on Jan 27, 2022

Aside from I3C-capable Controllers and Targets, another category of devices that are imperative for successful and wide-spread industry adoption of the I3C protocol are interface devices such as switches/muxes, buffers/level-shifters, etc.

Diodes Inc. recently announced[pdf] their first I3C interface device, the PI3CSW12, a 1:2 Mux/DeMux with Output Enable control signal. This device is clearly designed for usage with upcoming DDR5 DIMMs, but there's also other many other situations in which an interface IC like this could be utilized. Don't be fooled by the manufacturer part number for this device -- at first, I thought that the inclusion of "I3C" in the part number meant this was just one of a family of I3C interface devices, but it turns out that this was just a conveniently numbered existing product family of I2C muxes/switches. That said, I'm still hoping this is just the first of many to come to the market.

All of the details can be found including the datasheet can be found on the product page. At the time of writing, Mouser shows tens of units will be in stock in May of this year, and 100k+ units arriving in January 2023 (55 weeks from the time of writing, oh how I cannot wait for this supply chain situation to be behind us).

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Espressif Announces New ESP32-P4, Includes I3C Support

Espressif Announces New ESP32-P4, Includes I3C Support

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Debug for I3C Interop Event Planned for June 2023

Debug for I3C Interop Event Planned for June 2023

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The MIPI Debug Working Group is planning to host a Debug for I3C Interop Workshop at the Member Meeting in June 2023. Fill out the interest form if you'd like to participate - it's definitely worthwhile!

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Scout SC4420 I3C Serial Bus Controller Hands-On Review

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