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TDK InvenSense IMUs Support I3C DDR Mode

Published on Jan 15, 2022

TDK InvenSense, leaders in the MEMS IMU device category, have already introduced I3C support in several of their devices. Just like IMUs from STMicro, TDK InvenSense took the approach of supporting SPI, I2C, and I3C protocols on their devices, which is very wise in ensuring that can be utilized in a variety of systems and applications. 

However, there's actually a key differentiator in the I3C implementations between STMicro's IMUs and these devices from TDK that can make a world of difference for certain applications. While both implementations support I3C SDR at 12.5MHz, the TDK IMUs also support DDR (double data rate), where the data is essentially sampled on both rising and falling clock edges, effectively making for 25MHz data transmissions with a 12.5MHz clock signal. These TDK devices are the first sensors I've found on the market which support this mode.

ICM-426xy Family

The table below contains the three devices which are readily available for use:

Part NumberProduct PageEvaluation Kit

The dev boards for the devices in this family are built on the SmartMotion® Platform by InvenSense® which is quite convenient for immediately evaluating the device performance with their desktop software suite over the built-in USB connection.

However, the downside of this platform is that it doesn't have native support for the I3C interface. While it's onboard processor can be hooked up to I2C or SPI interfaces on the IMU, the only option for using the I3C interface is by connecting the board up to an external I3C controller on the header pins.

ICM-456xy Family

Most recently, TDK InvenSense announced a family of 3 "Ultra High-Performance" 6-Axis MEMS motion Sensors all featuring support for I3C interface. The datasheet for these devices is available on their product page, however there's no mention of when evaluation kits or samples might be availble publicly.

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