MIPI Alliance to Host First I3C Interop Workshop Open to Non-Members

MIPI Alliance to Host First I3C Interop Workshop Open to Non-Members

Given their support of the publicly available, royalty-free I3C Basic protocol, this workshop is open to non-members for the first time!

In April, the MIPI Alliance announced that, in conjunction with the June MIPI Alliance member meeting, the MIPI I3C and I3C Basic Ad Hoc working groups will host an I3C Interop Workshop on 13-14 June, 08:00-18:00, in Munich. The official announcement and further details about the event can be found in this MIPI Alliance blog post.

Per the announcement, the event was contingent upon the registration of at least 6 MIPI-member company participants, and as of 9 May, it was confirmed that the threshold has been met.

The MIPI Alliance has hosted a few of these I3C Interop Workshops in the past, however it's noteworthy that this is the first time they are opening up the workshop for non-members to participate. This is tangible confirmation that the MIPI Alliance is really supporting the open adoption of the publicly available, royalty-free I3C Basic protocol.

With this event taking place in Munich just a few days before the opening day of annual Embedded World conference in nearby Nuremberg, we found enough justification to make the trip across the pond to attend both events. We'll be putting our I3C Basic Protocol Analyzer Plugin through two days of rigorous, real-world testing at the Interop Workshop and then giving some demos and meeting with customers and fellow I3C enthusiasts at Embedded World.