Podcast: An Interview with Jonathan Georgino [#461]

We were very excited to get the opportunity for our founder, Jonathan Georgino, to join host Chris Gammell on the Amp Hour Podcast! On the podcast, Jonathan and Chris talk shop about everything from Jonathan's time at GE and Saleae, to demystifying computer science for kids with things like Scratch and Blockly, to what it's like to start your own hardware company. Be sure to listen to the episode to learn more about the start of Binho and the Nova Host Adapter.

"The Amp Hour is a non-scripted off-the-cuff format show that usually airs every Sunday evening US time (recorded earlier in the week). It is the worlds largest and most respected electronics oriented radio show. Discussions range from hobbyist electronics to the state of the electronics industry, components, circuit design, and general on and off-topic rants." - About Page, theamphour.com

The Amp Hour Podcast is hosted by Chris Gammell and Dave Jones. It is available for download wherever you listen to your podcasts or you can also find it here.