Curiosity Nano Promo

Congratulations! You're about to begin an amazing journey in I3C development!

Microchip and Binho have partnered to celebrate the launch of the PIC18-Q20 microcontroller family -- Microchip's first microcontroller with an I3C peripheral. Eligible customers that have purchased a PIC18-Q20 Curiosity Nano evaluation board can fill out the form below to receive a 45 day license to use our I3C Basic Protocol Analyzer Plugin for Saleae Logic.

Need to purchase a Curiosity Nano Eval Board? Follow this link

Not familiar with Saleae Logic? Learn more here.

Terms and Conditions:

A customer is only eligeble for one 45-day license regardless of the number of Curiosity Nano evaluation boards purchased. Binho reserves the right to determine customer eligibility.

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