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I3C Devices

Updated on Nov 03, 2023

It's surprisingly difficult to search for devices which support I3C. In many cases, it's buried in the details of the product pages or datasheets. You may be able to find a product announcement that mentions it, but that's not always the case. As such, we're actively maintaining a list of the I3C devices we find on the market on this page.

I3C Controllers

The devices in the table below feature I3C Controller support. These processors and microcontrollers are very likely able to operate as I3C Target devices as well.


Part NumberManufacturerDescription
iMXRT6xxNXPDual-Core M33 + DSP Crossover MCU with 1 x I3C Peripheral
iMXRT5xxNXPDual-Core M33 + DSP Crossover MCU with 2 x I3C Peripherals
LPC55x36NXPMainstream Cortex-M33 with 1 x I3C Peripheral
RA2E2RenesasUltra-Low Power General Purpose Cortex-M23 with 1 x I3C Peripheral
S32K3NXPGeneral-Purpose/Automotive ARM Cortex-M7 MCUs with 1 x I3C Peripheral
MCX NNXPMCX Advanced ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers with I3C Peripheral
STM32H5STMicroelectronicsHigh-Performance Arm® Cortex®-M33 at 250MHz with 1 or 2 x I3C Peripherals
RA4E2RenesasEntry-Line 100MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 General Purpose Microcontroller with 1 x I3C
RA6E2RenesasEntry-Line 200MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 General Purpose Microcontroller with 1 x I3C
nRF54H20Nordic Semiconductor4th-Generation multiprotocol SoC with BLE, HS USB, and I3C Support
ESP32-P4EspressifHigh-Performance MCU with Numerous IO-Connectivity and Security Features
EZAIRO 8300ON SemiHigh-End Audio DSP for Wireless-Enabled Hearing-Aids and Hearables
iMXRT1180NXPDual Core M7 + M33 Crossover MCU with Time Sensitive Networking Switch
LPC865NXPLow-Cost ARM Cortex-M0+ with 1 x I3C Peripheral
RA8M1Renesas480MHz ARM Cortex-M85 MCU with Helium & TrustZone with 1 x I3C (supporting HDR-TSL & HDR-TSP)


Part NumberManufacturerDescription
iMX93NXPApplications Processor for Edge ML with 1 x I3C Peripheral
DRA829VTexas InstrumentsDual ARM Cortex-A72 for Automotive and Industrial Applications

I3C Targets

The devices in this section are designed to operate as I3C Targets. Many of them also feature support for other digital communications protocols too.


Part NumberManufacturerDescription
ICM-42605TDK InvensenseLow Power 6-Axis IMU
ICM-42670-PTDK InvensenseHigh Performance 6-Axis IMU
ICM-42688-PTDK InvensenseHigh Precision 6-Axis IMU
LPS22HHSTMicroelectronicsHigh Performance Pressure Sensor
LSM6DSOXSTMicroelectronics6-Axis IMU
BMI263Bosch Sensortec6-Axis IMU
TS5111RenesasTemperature Sensor for DDR5 Memory Modules
P3T1085NXPTemperature Sensor
P3T1755NXPTemperature Sensor
P3T1035NXPTemperature Sensor
LPS22DFSTMicroelectronicsLow Power High Precision MEMS Pressure Sensor
TMP139Texas InstrumentsJEDEC DDR5 temperature sensor with 0.5 °C accuracy
MMC5633NJLMEMSIC±30g range, high performance AMR Magnetometer
M88TS5110Montage TechnologyHigh-Accuracy Temperature Sensor
MXH1330HaechiI3C Low Power Temperature Sensor
LSM6DSVSTMicroelectronics6-axis IMU with embedded sensor fusion, I3C, OIS/EIS
LSM6DSV16BSTMicroelectronicsiNEMO inertial module: 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
LSM6DSV16BXSTMicroelectronics6-axis IMU with sensor fusion, AI, Qvar, hearable features for TWS
LSM6DSV16XSTMicroelectronics6-axis IMU with embedded sensor fusion, AI, Qvar
LSM6DSV32XSTMicroelectronics6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and AI sensor 32G +embedded sensor fusion, Qvar
LIS2DUX12STMicroelectronicsUltralow-power accelerometer with AI & anti-aliasing
ILPS28QSWSTMicroelectronicsDual full-scale, 1260 hPa and 4060 hPa, absolute digital output barometer with Qvar detection
LPS28DFWSTMicroelectronicsDual full-scale, 1260 hPa and 4060 hPa, absolute digital output barometer
TSC1641STMicroelectronics60V, 16-bit, High precision, I3C/I2C, digital current/voltage/power/temperature Monitor
BMI323Bosch Sensortec6-axis IMU with intelligent on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features
BMM350Bosch SensortecHigh Accuracy, Low-noise 16-Bit 3-Axis Magnetometer
BMP581Bosch SensortecHigh Performance Barometric Pressure Sensor


Part NumberManufacturerDescription
P8900RenesasPMIC for DDR5 RDIMMs and LRDIMMs
TPS53832Texas InstrumentsPMIC for DDR5 server DIMMs
TPS53830Texas InstrumentsHigh current PMIC for DDR5 server DIMMs
EP7010CEmpower SemiconductorSingle Output 10A Packaged IVR


Part NumberManufacturerDescription
PIC18-Q20Microchip8-bit RISC MCU with 2x I3C Target-Only Peripherals

RF Devices

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
F0443RenesasDual Matched Broadband RF DVGA 0.6GHz to 2.7GHz

I3C Interface

The devices in the this section are designed to support integration of I3C buses into embedded systems, such as level shifters and muxes.

Part NumberManufacturerDescription
IMX31x2RenesasI3C 2:1 Bus Multiplexer
IXP31x4RenesasI3C 1:4 GPIO Expander
P3S0200GMNXPI3C Switch with Hardware Select and Enable
P3A9606NXPDual Channel BiDirectional I3C Level Shifter
PI3CSW12Diodes IncI3C 1:2 Mux/DeMux 
TCA39416Texas InstrumentsUltra-low-voltage I3C translator with rise time accelerators

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