At Binho (pronounced "bee-nyoh"), we make products to launch products.

We are a team of engineers, designers, and inventors excited to set out and build the products we want to see in the world, not just because we can, but because we truly believe each engineer, developer, and creator will be delighted to have them in their toolkit while they invent the future.

Meet the Team 

Jonathan GeorginoFounder

Jonathan, a passionate hardware engineer, routinely found himself creating tools to assist in the projects he’d been working on for several years. In late 2018, he began to merge several of his personal projects into a single tool and the Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host adapter was born. A veteran of several Bay Area hardware startups, he enjoys wearing many hats and doing whatever it takes to bring high-quality products to market, from proof-of-concept through mass production. Above all, he wants to share his enthusiasm for developing quality hardware products with as many people as possible.


Forrest Milburn, Product Design

Forrest works on the look, feel, and function of Binho products from hardware to software. With a multi-disciplinary background in product development from early concept and mechanical design through to branding and marketing campaigns at launch, Forrest balances  business, design, and engineering considerations to guide the product from concept to production to launch. He is excited to be a part of a team that shares a passion for finding real world problems worth fixing and tackling them with a user-centered design approach.



Francis GuevarraEmbedded Systems Software

Francis is our resident software guru. Drawing from his vast experience developing solutions on various platforms ranging from ARM M0 microcontrollers up through Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, he architects and implements our embedded firmware and cross-platform desktop applications. A true advocate of the customer experience, his dedication to quality and performance ensures fool-proof and convenient interactions. 


A message from our founder:

"Binho Electronics started in 2015 simply as the name I used to refer to the personal projects that I worked on in my free time. Over the years, I've found myself creating tools to help work on my own projects along the way. In late 2018, I started to merge a few of my personal projects into a single tool and the Binho Nova Multi-Protocol USB Host Adapter was born.

While this is my first endeavor to operate a business of my own, I've luckily had the opportunity to learn from my experience at several hardware startups in Silicon Valley, including working with Joe and Mark Garrison at Saleae during the development of their second-generation Logic analyzers. Their influence on Binho can be seen in so many different aspects that it would be a disservice not to mention it here.

I'm passionate about electrical engineering and my ultimate goal is to make developing and debugging hardware easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Thanks for checking us out."

- Jonathan Georgino


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about Binho Electronics.


Binho LLC is located just outside of San Francisco, CA in the beautiful coastal city of Pacifica.


446 Old Country Road

Suite 100-320

Pacifica, CA 94044




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