I3C Target Board

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The I3C Target Board makes it quick and easy to get up and running with popular I3C Target devices from Bosch and STMicro. The I3C Target Board can be easily connected to Supernova and has support for Bosch Shuttle 3.0 and STMicro's DIL24 form-factor evaluation boards.

Additional design highlights:

  • All pins I3C Target pins are broken out to standard 2.54mm headers.
  • There are headers on the I3C SCL and SDA signals to easily connect your favorite logic analyzer to observe bus traffic.
  • Both DIL-24 and Bosch Shuttle boards can be installed and operated at the same time.
  • The I3C bus is passed through the board so that multiple I3C Target boards can be used in series to connect multiple devices to the bus.
  • Jumpers can be used to configure the power source. The target devices can be powered externally or from Supernova.

Compatible Bosch I3C Targets available on Shuttle 3.0 eval boards:

Compatible STMicro I3C Targets on DIL24 eval boards: