PCBite Insulated XL Baseplate

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Components are both shrinking and getting increasingly finer pitch year after year but your PCBs might have grown in size or the number of interconnected PCBs or the number of handsfree PCBite probes needed to test your design may have increased making it crowded on our other smaller base plates.

With a size of 297 x 420 mm (DIN A3) the extra-large baseplate has room for most PCBs and many handsfree PCBite probes for those measurement sessions where more channels than available are needed.

If you are looking for more space, extra protection or just want to clean up your work surface then this accessory is a perfect match.

If you need to an add insulation cover for the smaller baseplate (DIN A4) included in most PCBite kits, you can get one here.

See product photos for size comparison with the large (DIN A4) and small (DIN A5) baseplates in relative an PCBite PCB holder.

Designed to be used with Sensepeeks magnetic PCBite line of products including PCB holders, hands free probes and magnifier.