SQ500 - 500 MHz handsfree oscilloscope probe

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The new SQ series of handsfree probes from Sensepeek have a lower point of gravity making them even more stable compared with the original SP series of handsfree probes.

All probes in the SQ series are also insulated and can be used handheld as any traditional probe but their full potential is used when measuring handsfree.

The SQ series of oscilloscope probes also includes more ground options, have probe tip protection, longer cable and support for oscilloscopes with automatic scaling (10:1).

All the loved features of handsfree measurement, exchangeable fine pitch spring tipped test needle, color-coded cable holders and the minimalistic design is maintained to make traditional-sized and handheld probes obsolete.

Both length and weight of the SQ probes are perfectly balanced to be used with PCBite PCB holders and base plate which is a must for handsfree function.

The following items are included in the package:

  • 1x SQ500 500 MHz probe with spring tipped test needle
  • 1x SQ probe holder for handsfree measurement
  • 1x Testhook with detachable cables (5cm & 10cm) for convenient ground connection
  • 1x Alligator cable for convenient ground connection
  • 1x Standard ground spring, for handheld measurements at rated bandwidth
  • 1x Unique ground spring, for total handsfree measurements at rated bandwidth
  • 1x Set of color-coded cable holders(4 colors)
  • 1x Probe tip protection
  • 1x Extra test needle